MEDIA RELEASE
June 11 2012



Author Joyce Slobogian has released Sleeping Crimes, a
detective mystery novel set in Brandon, Manitoba.
Sleeping Crimes is the
second novel in her popular Connie Anderson / Alan Bowering detective
mystery series, the follow-up book to the first in the series entitled,
To Die
, released in 2008.

The novels follow character Connie Anderson, a bookstore owner in Brandon,
Manitoba, who through various circumstances becomes directly involved in the
investigation of strange disappearances and murders in the city alongside her
boyfriend, Sgt. Alan Bowering.

Slobogian says, “In Sleeping Crimes, the first victim, a tell-all writer, is
looking to stir up some trouble when he arrives in Brandon after 10 years
away. He remembers some details about a crime that happened before he left,
giving some people in the city reason to wish him harm. The situation makes
for some interesting twists and turns.”

Extremely well-read herself,
Slobogian incorporates inspiration from various
authors she admires into her unique style such as Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio
Marsh and Agatha Christie alongside more modern writers like Deborah
Crombie, L.R.Wright, Gail Bowen, Faye Kellerman, Marcia Muller, Margaret
Maron and Patricia MacDonald.

Joyce Slobogian was born into a family of book lovers in the small town of
Vrin, Switzerland. In 1967, she came to Canada where she met and married a
Canadian Farmer. They had three children and settled in St. Martin, Manitoba
and later moved to Shilo, Manitoba, where they both worked at the Canadian
Forces Base. Since 1994,
Slobogian has written dozens of humour columns,
profiles and short stories – and has been published in several Canadian
newspapers and magazines in Canada, United Kingdom, Australia and South
Africa. After the death of her husband,
Slobogian moved to Brandon, where
she is currently working on the much-anticipated third novel in the Connie
Anderson / Alan Bowering mystery series.

Joyce Slobogian is the recipient of a Writer’s Digest Popular Fiction Award
in 2009 and winner of three
Global Short Story Competitions in 2009 and
2010. She has been a member of the
Manitoba Writers Guild since 1998 and
a member of the
Professional Writers Association of Canada since 2003.

Sleeping Crimes and To Die For are available for purchase online through
Amazon, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes and Noble and Booklocker and in
person in Manitoba at
Whodunit Mystery Store in Winnipeg; Lady of the
in Brandon; Poor Michael Bookshop in Onanole; Lucy’s Flowers in
Wawanesa and by order at
Coles in Brandon.

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